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contact us to Use J&W Learn, our online Educational space for e-commerce technologies.

Technology can be difficult and overwhelming. This is why we provided a space to share and build.

Join our Discord group, this space is free to join and allows us to learn about E-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WordPress, Squarespace.  The advertisement platforms can be overwhelming so we share knowledge in this space regarding Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Pinterest Ads. There is a need to survive and be able to provide the  most current technology and experience for your customers, Which is why we also helping our community and clients get into the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

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We update our insights blog with the most talked about concerns as it relates to our customers. The problems you are having aren’t new. So we’ve done an amazing job  to catalog and record these issues and events so that others can learn from our experiences and hopefully have a better implementation phase.

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We understand even with resources and education, it can be overwhelming and this is where it pays to have an agency on your side.

There are Customers all over the world. How to capture them?

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Read our Facebook Ads Case Studies and how we help our clients.

Facebook ads are a very important part of our business and how we capture business for our clients and teach them how to use their data effectively. We can help you optimize and master Facebook, Google and Pinterest Ads.

What do we do Here at Jag & Wolf?


What all do we do?

We here at Jag & Wolf, consults businesses of any size of all industries to solve problems with the implementation of technology. We implement e-commerce solutions such as Shopify in combination with other tools and applications that allows businesses to grow and scale. We combine these applications with robust Ad management tools & experts in Facebook Ads and various other platforms to drive traffic and convert visitors into customers.


We also offers mobile application development, robotic process automation, website development and other support and tools to help maximize your business from start to finish.  You can hire Jag & Wolf on a project by project basis or as ongoing support for your business for any technological needs or counsel. Our goal is to help our clients and partners understand and execute the newest discoveries and efficiencies of online software.


J&W Believes in information, research and implementation at the highest level, this is why the partners at J&W invest time in educating the general public  and our customers with various interactive consultations, physical classes and online courses. We execute the heavy research and implementation so that you don’t have to experiment  with your budget, You can rest-assured you are making the best steps to scale your business.