• J&W Trade Program

    J&W offers social trailblazers the potential option to allow Jag & Wolf to enhance their social flames by exchanging 10 percent of closed deals and  discounted development services.

J&W Trade Program

Jag & Wolf offers a partnership to a few lucky social influencers and provides these individuals with 10 percent of closed deals that traffics through the specific social influencer link. We also provide a 10 percent discount on any website development or e-commerce development. We also provide a custom Jag & Wolf  shirt for our partners, this shirt is also needed for our partners to show support.

How does the program work?

Jag & Wolf will provide  the influencer with a on-boarding form specific to them, which is how we will track  your follower’s entries. Upon a closing deal from these followers is how the influecner will receive 10 percent of the agreeed deal in payment once the client submits the development deposit.

How do you select the brand?

J&W selects these business or individuals based upon the strength and frequency of the social media following. We evaluate how active the followers of the brand are and if we feel a great partnership can be made between  J&W.

What will i receive as a social influencer for Jag & Wolf?

1 – 10 Percent Discount on websites and e-commerce development

2 – 10 percent of every deal that closes , with the influencer link provided

3 – Jag & Wolf Shirt

What does J&W need from the brand in this agreement?

Consistent marketing in the brand’s layout and format, we understand that you have grown your online presence organically and have your own way of doing things. We don’t want to interrupt your method of attracting followers. So however you feature other businesses and in the timing scale you provide those potential features, we will come to a common agreement on how those terms will proceed forward.

What are J&W Targeted Social platforms?





Our target frequency for social media post.

Jag & Wolf Company Feature in your brand’s layout as often as the brand would like, although we do require atleast one post per week to stay relavent.

Does J&W only receive social media post as a item of trade?

We will evaluate what platforms physical or digital, that we can benefit from your current business structure.

These items, for example, are the following:

Youtube Features in the same frequency as the social media platforms stated above.

Podcast & Radio Interviews in the same frequency as the social media platforms stated above.

Whats considered a company feature?

J&W considers a company feature as content that displays the brand’s approval of  J&W and directs the brand’s customers/clients/viewers to  Jag & Wolf in positive promotion purposes. This type of feature can be written, verbal or shown in imagery such as video and photo. within the targeted social platforms and marketing opportunities listed above.

How does a physical business participate in this program?

Physical businesses will house business cards, print consumables and a “Powered By Jag & Wolf” sign. These businesses will have the same 6-month time frame to house these consumables, the brand also has the option to keep these items past the required 6 months. The only item that is required to stay past the 6 months time period will be the “Powered By Jag & Wolf” sign. This sign will be active in your physical establishment for as long as we support your website.

Email Collection

Jag & Wolf LLC reserves the right to collect & utilize the email addresses obtained within a website that participates in our Trade Program. J&W will feature sub-text that will notify the brand’s potential subscribers that they are acknowledging to accept future business related information from the brand’s company and the development company Jag & Wolf LLC. This condition will stay valid while the brand’s website is supported by Jag & Wolf LLC.



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So what are the next steps to receive a website?

Please fill out the following form which will expedite this process and get us straight to agreement phease and our discussions regarding your partnership with Jag & Wolf LLC.

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