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J&W Robotics Process Automation

Jag & Wolf Pilot RPA Program

Our RPA program allows our customers to enter our pilot program so that as the customer, you can gain knowledge and understanding in how robotic process automation works, without fully committing to changing and overhauling all of your critical processes.

This program allows Jag & Wolf to come in and consult with the customer and identify a process that can be automated by us, which the business is also comfortable automating with minimum risk and maximum efficiency. We understand that business processes and procedures will make or break a business and need to be taken seriously and viewed closely.

J&W are big advocates for innovation, but we are also conscious of the need for smooth transitions as it can affect day-to-day operations. RPA allows your team-members to do more purposeful work by automating daily repetitive tasks that you would normally need to pay someone to do.

RPA is also a very strong candidate for non-traditional integrations. This is key for integrating with applications that have limited api access or no api access or connectors to certain applications that you might need to interact with each other in your business.

Jag & Wolf Understands the importance of automation.

There are a plethora of daily processes that can be automated in business, which can allow a business to use their employees for more purposeful work in the office. RPA is a thriving sector of technology that gives companies the freedom of automation and the freedom of time. Below, is a list of potential processes that can be automated below.

1 . Website scraping

2 . Customer Order Processing

3 . Incoming Customer email query processing

4 . Transferring data from one system to another

5 . Call center operations

6 . Payroll processing

7 . Forms processing

8 . Client profile updates

9 . Generating renewal premiums

10. Claims processing

11. Underwriting processes

12. Policy administration and servicing

13. Requests for overdraft protection

14. Exception processing (overrides for high-value customers or low-risk transactions)

15. Statement reconciliation

16. Credit card applications

17. Dispute resolution

18. Patient registration

19. Provider credential verification

20. Member eligibility and billing

21. W4 management

22. Benefits administration

23. Onboarding

24. System access and setup

25. Compliance reporting

26. Change of address processing (can be on multiple systems)

27. Fraudulent account closing

28. Customer complaints processing

29. Data cleansing

30. Straight-through processing of customer orders

31. Order updates

32. Shipping notifications

33.Data Validation

33.Create Invoices

34.Candiate Sourcing

35.Absense Management

36.Updating Customer Records

37.Loan Processing

38.Claims Processing

39.Processes within IT

40.Data & Analytics and reporting

41.Member Eligiblity & Billing

42.Compliance Reporting

43.Hiring Process

44.Validate Insurnace Premiums

45.Capturing supplier invoices electronically

46.Delivering documents and data for review, approval, and coding

47.Integrating with existing accounting and enterprise systems such as ERP/CRM, etc.

48.Providing security for access controls as well as audit trails

Human Resources

Payroll Services

Information Technology

J&W Retainer Services

Focused, Innovated, Disruptive.

Business needs constant attention and special care. We believe in cultivating a strong relationship with you so that you can grow your business with our assistance. This allows you as a business to depend on our reliability and counsel. Think of J&W as the technology professional that you have not hired yet, We are an extension of your company that will help you go the distance.

J&W will give you consistent support and a positive relationship throughout all of your tech needs. On a monthly basis, we will provide development fixes. We will help get rid of those pesky problems that maybe, you haven’t had the time or correct relationship to correct. These things impact a business, so you will need experience on your side. J&W also provides new feature updates every month during our contract duration, so that you can stay ahead of the curve. We make sure these updates are relative to your business and will improve your efficiency. There are also other things that we provided, such as daily back-ups, security updates, and protection from various cyber attacks, as well as customer breaches which are related to your website, mobile or cloud applications.


  • RPA Development
  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Cloud Application Development
  • Plugin/Function Development
  • Module Development
  • Software Implementation

Consulting Services

  • Technology Consulting
  • Software Consultations
  • Process Efficiency.
  • Security & Data Consultations
  • Digital Marketing Consults

Business Monitoring

  • Business Specific Reports
  • Online Reporting Tools
  • Daily Back-ups
  • Security Monitoring
  • Data Back-up & Archive
  • Cloud Storage

Future Updates

  • Feature update
  • Resolve Bugs
  • Apply development fixes
  • Platform Upgrades
  • Process Improvements

Jag & Wolf will also take care of maintenance for the RPA processes & integrations we build for our customers, 

depending on how we build the process to interact with other applications, there will need to be development maintenance that has to happen so that your automated processes continue, even through the different life cycles of the applications that we are automating, for example if a HCM or CRM platform changes its structure or updates its GUI, we will need to make alterations to the RPA process for your business. So an ongoing relationship is very important in your partnership with Jag & Wolf.


Jag & Wolf will have an initial consultation meeting with the clients to determine the level of interest, as it relates to automation and possible processes that the business is looking to use in our RPA & integrations program. J&W offers clients the opportunity to receive development from us and also the mandatory maintenance required for automation projects.

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