J&W’s Retainer Program, driving aggressive innovation for our clients.

J&W Retainer Program

Jag & Wolf Understands the importance of consistent support and updates.

Every business needs technological support. Although some businesses that are not technology-intensive do not understand the need for such support, until the inevitable day when an item on their website or application breaks. There are other times when you would like to expand or improve as a business and want to know where technology can play a part in that growth.


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J&W Retainer Services

Focused, Innovated, Disruptive.

Businesses need constant attention and special care. We believe in cultivating a strong relationship with you so that you can grow your business with our assistance. This allows you as a business to depend on our reliability and counsel. Think of J&W as the technology professional that you have not hired yet, we are an extension of your company that will help you go the distance.

J&W will give you consistent support and a close relationship with all of your tech needs. On a monthly basis, we will provide development fixes. We will help to get rid of those pesky problems that you may not have had the time or relationship to correct. These things impact a business, so you will need the experience on your side. J&W also provides new feature updates every month during our contract duration, so that you can stay ahead of the curve. We make sure that these updates are relative to your business and will improve your results. There are other things that we provide, provided such as daily back-ups, security updates, and protection from various cyber attacks, as well as customer breaches related to your website, mobile or cloud applications.


  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Cloud Application Development
  • Plugin/Function Development
  • Module Development
  • Software Implementation

Consulting Services

  • Technology Consulting
  • Software Consultations
  • Process Efficiency.
  • Security & Data Consultations
  • Digital Marketing Consults

Business Monitoring

  • Business Specific Reports
  • Online Reporting Tools
  • Daily Back-ups
  • Security Monitoring
  • Data Back-up & Archive
  • Cloud Storage

Future Updates

  • Feature update
  • Resolve Bugs
  • Apply development fixes
  • Platform Upgrades
  • Process Improvements

Jag & Wolf’s monthly reporting and analytics will allow upper management and employees to make choices that will keep them ahead of the curve.

We strive to improve the efficiency of a business. Technology is one of the vital pieces for efficiency, but if you do not have constant technological counsel, how will such improvement of efficiency be achieved? We provide flexible plan options based on hours per month and 6 to 12-month contracts that can be renewed in the future upon agreement from both parties.


Jag & Wolf will have an initial consultation meeting with the clients to determine if there is a need for new development or if you just need us to take over your current structure with our retainer program. J&W offers clients the opportunity to receive development from us without the retainer program, although we do not suggest this method, it is up to the client. We would like you to think of J&W as your new IT employee; here for your business.

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