• J&W -Wheres The Pain? Where Does It Hurt?

    J&W wants to know where does it hurt? We understand the common unaddressed problems in a business, We want to know if you have felt some of our pains below.

J&W Pain Points

Do you wonder where your time goes at the end of the day? Did you not get enough done?

Business owners and operators would like to spend more time operating the business, not struggling and overseeing  broken technology infrastructure and processes.

Do you have manual processes that take up so much time?

Are there businesses processes in your business that are repetitive and that you have no choice but to do and as a owner or operator you can clearly identify that it’s impacting your employees productivity due to lack of mental stimulation?

Do you struggle with bad data entry that creates more problems down the pipeline?

Do you struggle with bad data in your business? This is typically caused from fatigued employees and casual, non-intentional mistakes. We’re human and we make mistakes, but wouldn’t you want to minimize those mistakes with iron-clad validation in the future?

Has your team spent countless times troubleshooting problems in your business?

Has your team needed to troubleshoot an issue in your business process due to this bad data? Typically there are multiple people spending time troubleshooting this issue, If your employees are in projects or other task, do they necessarily have the time to troubleshoot issues such as these that could of been easily avoided? How much  money are you losing as a business from these instances of misplaced resources.

Have you thought, "If I could only just get in-front of more customer's eyes?"

Has there been times where you  knew you were in the right business, your infrastructure is perfect, your content is great, and you knew that if you were in-front of more eyes, you would be a big hit but you can have the best product or service in the world, if no one knows you exist , you are leaving potential money on the table.

Do you have a bad taste in your mouth from a previous marketing firm with no results to show for it?

Have you had issues with previous Digital marketing professionals and agencies that seemingly just wanted your money and didn’t care if your business grew and sales increased? This often leaves a bad taste in a business’s mouth and on the next go-around its hard to choose another marketing agency. We understand that pain and thats why we have a strategic approach to protect you from further hurt and empower the growth of your company.

Do you have small annoyances in your business related to processes? They are more costly than you think.

Were there processes in your business that were so inefficient  that you have repeatedly thought to yourself, I wish this was better but never did anything about it? For example, have you had a team member in your organization send you a “Digital Form” and instructed you to fill out this form and send it back? Only to learn that the fields in this form aren’t consistent and some of these fields are unusable because you can’t even fill out the form. So now you fill out the part of the document that does work and you print out the document , walk down the hall and have other individuals thats required sign this document. Yes it was seemingly a small annoyance, however we are in the business of efficiency , how many other people do this? If we quantified this information and tracked that time process and multiplied it by thousands of employees and the amount of times this happens in a year, could you see the financial loss? This is where it would of literally paid to have an actual form workflow that can be digitally signed through email all from the comfort of your desk.

Have you just wanted the advice and direction from a technology and marketing expert and couldn't find one?

Technology can look and seem intimidating but necessary  for your business. Have you thought, there’s no way we could afford a technology expert to advise us on our steps in this digital age so that we do not make a costly mistake in the set-up process or regarding tools and technologies that can enhance and make your business more efficient. J&W Offers advisory consulting subscriptions for businesses so that you can always have an expert on-hand to do the heavy thinking for you. Theres also the pipeline already there if and whenever you need our help to execute those steps. 

Has your business had issues where one system's data does not match the other?

There are so many integrations between different applications and systems that your business depends on. If the data on a employee in the  on-boarding or HR application does not match the data in the system that executes your business’s payroll, this alone could create errors and also waste a-ton of time in the data reconciliation process to fix these employees. This is where process automation can be leveraged.

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