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Our Advertising Plans

Facebook Ads A-1

$ 1,000 For Start-Ups
  • 1 Ad Campaigns
  • Up to 5 ad sets per campaign
  • 5 look-alike audiences
  • 30 Day Commitment
  • 4 Zoom Consultations

Facebook Ads A-2

$ 1,500 For Advanced
  • 2 ad Campaigns
  • Up to 10 Ad sets
  • 10 Look-ALike Audeinces
  • 6 Zoom Consultations
  • Advances Filtering in Analytics
  • 2 Product Sets

Master Plan

$ 2,000 For Pro
  • 3 Ad Campaigns
  • Up to 14 d Sets
  • 10 Custom Audiences
  • 6 Zoom Calls
  • Unlimited Look Alike Audiences

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All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

Facebook Ads are worth it? They are a great will to find new customers to purchase your product.  

A good ad budget starts off at around $1,000 per month. It can be smaller or larger. Depending on a few things like price and cost per purchase. 

The ad fees are monthly but do not require a monthly commitment. 

Ads can target specific areas down to zip codes. 

Depending on the objective of the ad. Most all ads on Facebook deliver elevated results comparatively to Google. 

For the most part no. But there are some things you can do to create new accounts for marketing and advertising. 

Facebook Ads is relatively inexpensive for the results you get. Cost per results yield business owners good return on ad spend still in 2021. 

Most Facebook ads we crate do work. They typically yield on average a 4x return on ad spend.