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How to make my website look like the demo?

Within theme settings, we offer the preset: ‘Base’. If you wish to replicate the demo layout with stock imagery, select the ‘Base’ option which will inmate upon our theme uploading to your online store. Here are a few steps below to ensure your website can look exactly like our demo. We’ve done our best to ensure that some preset text and sections are ready for you to use right away such as announcement bars, product pages and the homepage which is waiting for you to replace with your own amazing content.

Header settings + Toolbar menu

Use this area to place important link that you would like your customers to be able to access easily. Remember to also replace the Shopify social URL links with your own

* Remember to navigate to Theme Settings> Social media to enter your social media URLs which will display at the top of the your website.

Our main menu contains a 3 level mega menu that we displayed below within the navigation admin screen, so ensure that your collections contain a collection image and also it’s great to add a collection description as-well. We also allow the ability to add a mega menu content bar that’s great for overall site messaging or can be used to highlight a current promotional.

*Mega menu content bar Theme Settings> Mega Menu Content Bar

There is also a mobile content bar which can be seen below, that works similar to the mega menu content bar however this section will only display within the mobile drawer menu.

We also allow the ability to add a cart announcement bar which can be used for important messaging or promotional, a customizable free shipping progress bar and cart upsell feature which can be found in Theme Settings> Cart

Within our “Popups section” you are able to add the following features, Cookie Banner, which can be used for any content that you would like a customer to confirm. The WhatsApp Chat integration, Our Find my fit tab which can be linked to your size guide created in the pages section of the shopify admin and our Custom side tab section which can be used for any type of content created within the shopify admin pages. All of these options can be added anywhere on the site and are very customizable.

Remember to select the content for the Find My Fit and Custom Side Tab, you will need to navigate to Theme Settings> Find My Fit Content Tab and Custom Side Tab.

One of our fun features is the product add on, you’re able to add up to 50 add on products which by default will be placed under the add to cart button of the product page.

Notes to remember, the remaining sections are ready for you to replace the demo content with your own amazing content such as images and video links. Our Campaign Theme has over 50 sections that are able to be used anywhere on your storefront, we hope that the amount of sections and variety will allow you to reduce your reliance on 3rd party apps.

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