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How do I update my theme?

Important: With every theme purchase, you gain perpetual access to updates. However, the Base theme doesn’t offer direct support for manual theme updates due to intricacies from third-party app integrations and custom code. This guide aims to help you navigate the update process, whether on your own, through an expert, or with a specific app.

Keeping your theme updated is crucial to leverage the newest features, rectify bugs, and integrate Shopify’s latest improvements. Nevertheless, updating can be a tad tricky, given Shopify’s lack of auto-update functionality in the face of coding changes. Hence, we’ve formulated this guide. Typically, retailers can opt from two update methods:

1. Manual Update Ideal for stores with minimal theme code alterations. This method facilitates the transfer of theme settings. However, one must reconfigure homepage sections, tailor-made product templates, and custom page designs in the new theme. Also, third-party apps and distinct codes should be reintegrated.


  • Begin by downloading the most recent theme version from the Shopify theme store. It’ll get added to your theme collection as an unpublished variant.
  • In your existing theme, head to the code editor (Actions > Edit code). In the Config directory, copy the entire contents of settings_data.json.
  • Proceed to the code editor for the newly installed theme version and paste the copied content into Config/settings_data.json. Save these changes.
  • If your theme aligns with the updated Online Store 2.0, verify here. If affirmative, replicate the homepage sections by copying templates/index.json and paste in the corresponding file of the new theme. For Online Store 2.0 themes, transfer templates for pages, products, and collections in a similar manner. Custom templates can be transferred similarly but require initiating the JSON template in the new theme since it might not exist. Shopify provides a comprehensive guide for this.
  • For themes not congruent with Online Store 2.0, the homepage sections and product blueprints must be configured afresh.
  • Should you have third-party apps or distinct codes, integrate those into the new theme.
  • Once all set, publish your theme.

2. Partnering with an Expert Fortunately, we’re in alliance with the Jag & Wolf consultancy. Engaging with them will incur standard consultancy charges. This talented bunch, well-acquainted with the Base theme, are adept Shopify developers. They’re especially proficient at handling intricate update cases often arising from extensive app integrations or custom coding.

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