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Base Support: Integrating Custom Fonts

Should you be unfamiliar with editing theme code, consider collaborating with our partners specializing in custom font integration. Our assistance remains confined to this guide.

With a touch of customization, introduce personal fonts to our themes. These won’t be accessible via a dropdown in the theme editor but will directly replace stylesheet values.


  • Font and Style File Generation:
  • Use Font Squirrel to upload your custom font files. TTF formats are most successful. Click “Download your kit” to retrieve the necessary files. Ensure a valid web license for fonts.
  • Integrating Font Files to Theme:
  • Open Shopify admin, move to /settings/files, hit Upload files and add individual files.
  • Alter Theme’s Code:
  • This is for version 3.2.0 and newer. Navigate for older versions.

Find css-variables.liquid in your snippets folder. Add the provided code after the {% style %} tag. Adjust font specifications as directed.

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