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Base Support Guide: Adding Background & Hero Videos

  • How to Upload Your Video:
  • YouTube:
  • Once your video is on YouTube, you’ll receive a link. This looks like either or Keep this link ready for use.
  • Vimeo:
  • Post your video on Vimeo and receive a link similar to Remember, Vimeo doesn’t autoplay videos on mobile.
  • .MP4:
  • In Shopify, head to Settings > Files. Click ‘Upload file’ and choose your video. After uploading, you’ll get a URL resembling…/v2_w_video.mp4…. Store this link.
  • Inserting the Video into a Section:
    • In Shopify, go to Customize Theme, select a section, and paste the copied link into the “Background video link” field. The video will autoplay silently.
    • Want audio with your video?
    • To provide a full-sound video experience, use the same video link in the section’s Button link field. Add a call-to-action like “Watch the video”. When users click, the video will play in full mode with sound.

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