Amazon or Shopify – Which Is Best For You
July 21, 2022

With the boom in e-commerce, and the decline in “bricks and mortar” shopping spaces, we’re pitting two powerhouses. The “online marketplace”…

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What’s Microsoft Clarity and How Can It Help You Spy On Customers
July 20, 2022

Microsoft’s Clarity is a new, and free analytics tool which provides website usage statistics, session recording, and heatmaps. Compared to Google…

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How Site Speed Impacts Customer Buying Process
July 19, 2022

Site has always had its place as a great determining factor. Its impact on customers is one of the things that…

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How to create an online store?
July 18, 2022

How to Create, Setup, and Launch a Profitable Online Store. From ages past, success was guaranteed if you took a route….

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How to use Google Analytics?
July 11, 2022

HOW TO USE GOOGLE ANALYTICS. Google Analytics offers an easy charge-free way for tracking and analyzing users who visit your website….

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What’s SERP? Search Engine Results Page and What You Need to Know
July 1, 2022

As evolution continues to happen to search engines, there are a variety of ways in which information can be provided to…

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What is Google Analytics 4 (GA4) And When Do I Upgrade?
June 28, 2022

Google Analytics is quickly changing. In July 2019, Google made an announcement that a newer and more futuristic Google Analytics, Google…

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What is Conversion Rate Optimization?
June 23, 2022

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a process by which positive impact is incrementally made to your sales figures, through improvements that…

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Beginner’s Guide To Using Google Ads
June 21, 2022

Using Google Ads might be the smartest decision you get to make for your business in these times. People use Google…

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Apple “Buy Now and Pay Later” and Shopify Partnership
June 19, 2022

Apple has announced that market is only going to get stiffer. It would be joining the lucrative ‘pay later’ industry, thus…

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