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CampaignIV gives you the blueprint to build your online store without the need to wonder if you are missing elements or the education needed. The more you use CampaignIV, you will receive suggestions on items and tasks that are seen as best practice to convert your visitors into sales. Use CampaignIV to scan your online store and troubleshoot potential issues and suggestions on how to resolve them for the most sales.

CampaignIV works for all e-commerce solutions *Scan Feature only works for Shopify stores Only

CampaignIV gives you the blueprint to build your online store without the need to wonder if you are missing elements or the education needed. View Our Demo For more


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Access All of the tools you need on a daily basis to help guide and convert your customers over time

No more wondering if you have built your online store correctly, CampaignIV gives you various task items to ensure the store is built to spec

Research Trends, Tags, SEO suggestions and use the integrated tools to analyze and view ad creatives and efforts from your competitors

CampaignIV Pre Launch Help


The CampaignIV  is a easy-to-use software platform designed to help small business owners build the highest performing Shopify store using AI & historical information from the highest performing Shopify Stores. Think of CampaignIV as a on-going assistant that has industry knowledge without hiring an agency to build the store for you.

How much does CampaignIV cost a month? Currently, CampaignIV offers two pricing plans: monthly, or annual!

Monthly: $9.99 per month, billed monthly
Annual: $7.99 per month, billed annually at $85.99 (an $24/year savings!)

CampaignIV is perfect for people who are building a Shopify store and do not know where to begin in their online store journey. CampaignIV is also great for existing stores who want to ensure the store is completely optimized on an on-going basis and need a virtual partner that helps  keep them on-track. This app is also great for agencies to onboard their clients for performance accountability.

We recommend using CampaignIV for a minimum of 1 year of your store opening, to ensure you have checked all of the boxes to increase your chance of success. We plan to release more AI features that will integrate into all ad platforms so that we can assist our store owners with making educated ad campaigns.

CampaignIV integrates directly within Shopify and creates a safe connection for your data to feed back and forth, You can access CampaignIV within Shopify or the Pathway website. When you sign-up for CampaignIV through your online  store, you will be asked to grant access to CampaignIV to allow our AI assistant to connect to the data needed to help you on an on-going basis.

CampaignIV now works with all e-commerce platforms, however the scan feature only works with Shopify. We hope that this changes in the near feature. 

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