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Technology, through automation and artificial intelligence is definitely one of the most disruptive sources. – Alain Dehaze



Technology has made many leaps and bounds over the years. One of most notable is artificial intelligence. We are now in a time period where  home automation and intelligent chat bots rule our internet connections and businesses experiences. These bots allow  a business to offer 24/7 support due to how detailed and deep the virtual assistants can be in terms of service.

Jag & Wolf would like to offer small businesses the same opportunities  as larger ones such as Google and Microsoft as a creator of these bots. These bots will allow you to collect information intelligently and pay for your businesses services in other applications such as Facebook messenger, WhatsApp and even a stand-alone application that can integrate with your website and mobile/desktop application.

J&W Service Bot

We always try to offer opportunities to small businesses as it relates to technology by giving them  a heads-up on new services. We would be no leader for you  if we have not tested and developed our own service bot to give customers a good idea of what type of functionality that you as a business are getting into. Please feel free to visit our  beta bot. below.

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