Get ready for an upgrade with the Summer ’23 Edition! With over 100 updates spanning across Shopify, this latest edition empowers commerce businesses to reach new heights of productivity, creativity, and power.

Picture your business thriving with the integration of cutting-edge tools from Shopify. Introducing the Summer Edition, where advanced AI technology seamlessly weaves into the fabric of your business, offering a host of innovative features. From an AI-powered assistant to enhanced checkout extensions and novel avenues for cross-merchant product sales, this edition is meticulously crafted to deliver holistic solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

As the world undergoes unprecedented transformations, our Summer Edition is poised to stand by your side, leveraging the potential of AI to ignite your creativity and propel scalable growth in the face of every challenge.

Explore the key highlights of the Summer Edition:

  1. Shopify Magic
  2. Sidekick
  3. Platform Conversion Summary
  4. Shopify Credit
  5. Shopify Collective
  6. Developer Updates
  7. B2B on Shopify
  8. New Checkout Extensions
  9. Shopify Bundles App
  10. Flexible Sections in the Online Store Editor
  11. Shopify Marketplace Connect
  12. Polaris + Admin Updates

Don’t miss out on these exciting updates that are set to redefine and elevate your Shopify experience! Ensure you checkout the 2 following urls that entails the Summer edition updates that can be filtered and the current changeling to capture and explore features that were released later in the year.