When you run a check on ‘Instagram Trends for 2022’ – the first Trend Report you get from Instagram looks at Gen-Z’s interests across varying topics like music, fashion, creators, celebrities, beauty, social justice and more.

Written by Terrence.

Instagram Trends for 2022 – The first Trend Report from Instagram!

Based on Gen-Z’s interests across categories including music, fashion, creators and celebrities, beauty, social justice and more, Instagram has for the first ever, come to announce a Trends Report which focuses on the next year. If your aim is to reach the ever increasing and demanding consumer audience: Generation Z, then you able get acquainted to these results 

What dictates the cultural and behavioral patterns, now called trends, which is a major influence on how services and products are being provided and delivered respectively, is no longer the economy, but the young adults, the Gen Z.

This right here is what Instagram is saying about 2022.

Fashion & Beauty

Maximalist Fashion x Minimalist Beauty. Young people are not just making bold moves with style choices, they are also becoming more aware and considerate on what stays on their bodies. According to the platform, about 50% of teens and young adults would be venturing deeply into bold fashion trends that leaves bold statements in the next year. It also states that 1 in every 3 young people are interested in learning more about what it takes to get, and buy “clean” makeup and skincare.


E-commerce was a subject of huge growth in 2021, 2022? Brands better step up or get cleared off. Instagram would become a fore for over 50% of young people who are interested in new shopping experiences, so Organic Social Followership is going to be key! It is expected that a quarter of teens and young adults would get products from their socialcs feeds and special in-app features.

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Music and Dance

Short-clips are here to stay. Instagram is not going to be left out as music industries revolutionize. Artistes and management houses have seen Instagram as an avenue through which their contents would gain audience. Brands are now aware that they have to Introduce and enhance unique contents on their feeds. 

Creators & Celebrities

Celebrities are no longer streamlined, creators are the new celebrities. According to the report, 83% of the Gen Z have chosen to believe that creators are at least as influential as influencers. By the result of 1 in every 4 young adults agreeing that new trends are created by micro-influencers with loyal and highly engaged audiences, which is a big win, micro-influencers’ value has greatly increased. This has now placed young people, and a majority of teenagers to agree tgar social media managers and content Creator’s are more viable than the traditional celebrities like actors out there.

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Career & Education

Going by the great cost that comes with real-world experiences which 9 out of 10 in Generation Z believe is the best learning experience, most are quickly beginning to consider alternatives, less academic routes. 71% of them agree they’d rather have a “meaningful” job even if it means they make less money. As it stands, this audience are beginning to take the bull by the horn when it comes to opportunities for modern education brands and alternative learning, and that is making them really big now.


The trend of cooking at home, which got resurrected during the pandemic is nowhere near the white flag! The new relationship people now have with food is growing stronger and is here to stay, since a lot of people are continuing to invest in experimenting in their kitchen by trying out complex recipes and cooking techniques.


Mental health and wellness has finally reached the top shelf. Young people are now, more than ever, considering what goes into them, or stays on them, as they now realize it can affect their emotional well-being. More Instagram users, who stand at a rate of 48%, are beginning to engage more in home workout, as compared to Non-Instagram users at 34%. This throws the window open for fitness brands and professionals whose expertise lie in health and well-being.


If you thought video games were going to decline, you thought wrong. Every 3 in 10 the Gen Z are either playing or live streaming others who are playing video games. By the report from Instagram, there is an expectancy of 40% to see more trend in this niche this year.


Social media has now become an escape from reality for so many people. Sharing light-hearted content has now become a great way to grab the audience’s attention and keep them interacting with your brand. Memes are a great alternative as they stand a high chance of being relatable and entertaining.

Social Justice

A report shows that 52% of young adults actively follow social justice accounts on social media through 2021, thereby reinforcing the importance of social media when it comes to the sharing of information and promoting activism. This is a strong indication that Gen Z is not shying away from social matters. The report he’s on to say that Instagram users are turning up from elections in local, state and national elections. This pitches them at 18% as against non users who stand at a meager 6%. This trend is extremely powerful and won’t slow down. There is speculation that more young adult Instagram users would join the van to cause a change, they have now come to see how much social matters affects their lives.