Using a $1,140 budget I was able to optimize a clients ad account to make over $19,000 using Facebook Ads. I created 3 different types of campaigns with the major campaign being a conversion ad campaign. Two of the ads had a ROAS of at least 25x which is very rare in the Facebook Advertising world. 

In this particular ad we started with about 10 ad sets but we optimized this ad by deleting the ad sets that were not performing well so the budget could be optimized for the best performing ad sets.
We typically use all sorts of audiences when we create ads and in this particular ad we used look alike audiences, we used pixel audiences, also custom audiences and we used interest audiences.

Optimizing to increase ROAS and profit margin for our clients is always first priority. This makes a difference in our decision making. Often times our clients have a specific audience of people who they want to target and often times those audiences do not perform well. So in order to optimize we typically delete the audiences that do not perform well. We’d typically delete an entire ad if it performing well and regroup for more creatives or a change in copy. 

Finally, once an ad is performing well we let it ride as we like to say. We try our best not to change anything about the ad. So we don’t want to add ad sets, change creative, or change copy. We do want to increase the daily spend or lifetime budget depending on which we choose at the beginning of the ad campaign. 

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