Facebook Ads is great resource for kick starting business growth. Along with it’s vast algorythm. it has systems that generate leads. There is two ways to do this. One way is with the “Lead Generation” objective at the campaign level of creating a Facebook Ad. This objective will prompt the user to click the main call to action, then after after Facebook will bring up a form that is pre-populated with user data such as name, phone number and email. 

You can also optimize a conversion ad for leads. This is should be done through a landing page or a particular section on a website. A pixel would have to be setup too. Facebook will begin to find people more likely to perform the action of illing out a form on your website if you optimize a conversion ad for lead generation. 

In this particulra ad, I used the Lead Generation abjective at the campaign level to get leads for a dentist client. These leads were high value coming in between $400-20,000 for something like veneers. The front desk person had the job of calling all the leads. We went step below glory by not setting up a robust email marketing campaign but the client did a great job at contacting these people. 

Look back on this, i would like to have done a few things. 

1.  I would like to have set up a CRM tool like Active Campaign.

2. I would also like to have included a welcome SMS message and a welcome email. 

3. I would liked for there to have been an email campaign setup for the dentist office. 

Like anything else, cost plays an important roll. So whenever I’m evaluating a campaign I’m looking at the cost per result. This particular ad did well in this department with a cost per conversion coming in less than $2 on it’s best day. That’s significant compared to the value inside the dentist practice. One thing I noticed is that with a higher daily budget the cost per result actually decreased and with a smaller daily amount the cost per result increased. Most importantly though was the quality of these leads. So we had to continually ask our client are these leads converting to paid customers. Fortunately, for my client these leads were high converting.