Online advertising is one of the most important marketing tools for any company that relies on an influx of customers. Digital marketing can be of various types, but perhaps the most effective sort is social media marketing. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have become the hotspots for business owners who want to get their brand into the eyes of the public. 

Now, most websites use cookies to track preferences so that their algorithms can zoom in on their target audience. This helps advertisers get better results from their ad campaigns, and the platforms can earn more revenue as a result of this. Some social media platforms have introduced their own advertisement schemes, which allow companies to pay for dedicated Ads. 

Ever since Facebook launched its advertising scheme known as Facebook Ads in 2007, it has been a hub for all brands that want to invest in Facebook advertising. However, Apple has recently come out with an update that would severely reduce the number of ads that certain IOS users see.

A rundown of Apple’s IOS-14 Update for Digital Advertisements

Apple has been famous for its strong security measures. This is one of the primary reasons why these devices are popular in the first place. Ever since Apple sold its first product, it has been continuously trying to better the online privacy of its customers. Apple’s IOS-14 update will require users to approve being tracked across platforms. This means that advertisers will not be allowed to track the user’s preferences and movements online unless the user permits them. 

Third-party cookies enable brands to get a ton of information about their customers, like what items they look at the most and what products they are the most likely to click on and purchase. Apple’s new update will require the user to follow an Opt-in advertisement method, worrying many companies that use these digital services. Facebook has reacted quite adversely to these changes due to the effects that they will have on the social media platform. 

How will these changes impact Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads work on a scheme that allows companies to promote their advertisements according to the viewer’s preferences. The creation of Facebook Pixel gave businesses the ability to use cookies to track users and follow their movements on their websites. Facebook made use of the Opt-out model, which meant that any person that didn’t want to receive personalized ads could opt-out of it in their settings. However, the Apple update will require users to approve the cookies, which makes it less likely for these users to accept personalized ads. 

In lieu of these changes, Facebook released a statement that talked about the steps that they have taken on their online platforms:

  • Facebook apps will not collect IDFA or ‘identifier for advertisers’ from IOS devices that have this update. This is a tool that advertisers can use to track Apple devices without compromising their security. 
  • They will also give their users a reminder about how Facebook collects their info and what steps a Facebook user can take to change these settings. 

It is unclear how the situation will progress at the current moment and it seems that Facebook would be willing to allow IDFA collection if Apple is open to altering its policy. However, in the meantime, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that your company’s sales stay high.  

What steps can you take to ensure that your company stays ahead of the curve? 

There’s no doubt that the new Apple iOS-14 update will have a massive effect on social media advertisement. Although Facebook will continue to help advertisers on its platforms, it’s important that you take all the necessary steps to work around this update: 

  • Direct marketing- The primary way to combat this system is to use more direct marketing techniques. Companies that use email marketing or that rely on their websites are not going to be drastically affected by these updates. 
  • Facebook shop and Instagram shop- Facebook has implemented its own platform for online stores linked directly to WhatsApp, Facebook, messenger, and even Instagram. This online shop will be unaffected by the update as it is a place that is meant for marketing products. You can also use the Instagram shop to market your goods to consumers. Try shifting more of your focus to these options, and your company will be less reliant on Facebook advertising tools like Facebook Ads and Facebook pixel

Facebook owns three of the largest online platforms globally, and it’s clear that these changes will resonate throughout the internet. We recommend that you start using various marketing techniques to ensure that your company doesn’t get caught off guard. As of now, we cannot predict what the full impact of the Apple iOS-14 update will be, and only time will give us the answers.